Make a trip to Yala or Uda Walawe National Park. It‘s just a 2 hours drive to the parks. Discover the Sri lankan wildlife and watch out for elephants, crocodiles, eagles, bears, leopards.

For bird lovers we recommend a trip to Bundala

Turtle Watching

Our beach is famous for the sea turtles coming out to lay their eggs. What a unique experience to see this big turtles climbing up the beach, digging a big hole, laying eggs, closing the hole again and then go back to the sea.

You have two options.
Take a walk on the beach to find the sea turtles or drive with a tuk tuk to the Turtle Conservation Project in Rekawa. When you are lucky you can see the sea turtles come up while sitting in the Beach Restaurant.

Whale Watching

Along the south coast there is blue and sperm whales and of course dolphins.
We will recommend you a good boat with an experienced crew that takes care of not disturbing the whales.

Place to Visit

Rock temple in Mulkirigala for all our guests who didn‘t visit Dambulla.
Blow hole in Kudawella

Lagoon Sightseeing

Explore the lagoon on your own with one of our kayaks or go on a Katamaran ride with the fishermen. Discover the big variety of birds, monkeys, water buffalos and varans.

Fishing Trips

Ask Preethi and he will organise a fishing trip with one the fishing boats